the Chanel Flap Bag from 1929

  • The retail price for the Chanel flap bag in 1955 was $220.  Even taking into account rates of inflation plain leather versions can now retail for up to $6000 at todays prices, a huge increase in real terms.
  • Chanel’s personal history was often reflected in the decisions she made in the design process, even down to the hidden zipper department featured on many flap bags. Reputedly designed as a place to stash love letters as she was reportedly have a passionate affair at the time.
  • Quilted leather is a feature of many Chanel flap bags and is said to be inspired by Chanel’s love of riding fashion.  The stable boys wore clothes made of quilted fabric.
  • Chanel flap bags were always popular with the rich and famous especially the likes of the iconic actresses of the time:  Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Fonda and top fashion models Cindy Crawford and Anette Stai.
  • Of course not to be forgotten is the mutual love between Chanel and Princess Diana, so much so that a bag was named in her honour – the Diana bag.
  • The great thing about designs that are timeless is that the opportunities are endless.  Whether it’s paired with a little black dress, a smart tailored suit or for a more casual feel jeans and a leather jacket.
  • Whilst the flap comes in a variety of sizes and colours the most popular in the brand is the Chanel mini.
  • What a great investment, as we all know luxury brands like to raise prices frequently and keep customers keen.  A popular or elusive style even better a limited edition in good condition will always hold its value.

Let’s Talk Chanel Flap Bags

Why We Just Love The Chanel Flap

  • Chanel designed the Chanel flap bag and produced the first handbag in 1929, but it wasn’t until 1955 that the style featured a strap
  • Before this groundbreaking design handbags were hand carried (by definition) and usually bulky and cumbersome
  • It was soon recognised as a mark of social status for women to wear a bag on the shoulder
  • It still remains one of the most iconic bags in the history of fashion

Did You Know

  • Chanel had featured bags with a flap prior to 1955 but it was only with the addition of the strap that it became known as the classic Chanel flap bag that we all know and love today.   It’s the ideal accessory to compliment any outfit for any occasion, and it’s available in an assortment number of colours, styles and materials.
  • Did you know the classic design didn’t feature the interlocking CC that we all recognise until the 1980’s?  It was first introduced by Karl Lagerfield and it’s hard to imagine a Chanel bag without it now.
  • Originally all the Chanel bags had all chain straps but after time leather filled straps were used especially when resources were scarce.
  • The Chanel Flap Bag or the classic 2.55 features a burgundy leather interior.  It’s reputed to be because of Chanel’s past, she was raised in an orphanage and the colour of the uniform is said to have been a similar shade.  
  • The inspiration for the Chanel flap bag is said to have come from men’s fashion, her longtime lover Boy Capel who was a polo player was said to be the inspiration for the Boy bag.

As there are many different types of flap bags it can be a bit confusing, let’s explain: 

  • Classic Flap: refers to Flap bag only with CC locks as per the Karl Largerfield design first introduced in the 1980’s. 
  • 2.55: named after being introduced in February 1955…. 
  • Reissue: these bags were produced in 2005 and has a rectangular lock. 
  • Boy Bag: this bag features the interlocking C lock, quilted leather.  Traditionally more often seen in black it’s available in many colours.

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